Win Your Opportunity in China Market 2022 with CRI Report
  • Published On: 11-02-2022

Win Your Opportunity in China Market 2022 with CRI Report

Customizing your Market Research and Intelligence is crucial to success in China market. You may like to 
  • Save time to get first-hand and second-hand intelligence
  • Find opportunity in niche market
  • Get third-party research to support your business plan/project

We, CRI report (元哲咨询), are  an industry research expert team in China market with 10+ year serving experience to various companies and organizations.

China Research and Intelligence Co., Ltd. (Abbr. CRI) is an independent market research provider. Our research involves in the service industry including medical & healthcare, conference & exhibition, chains & retail, auto aftermarket and construction industry, etc. and the manufacture industry including energy, chemicals, machinery, textiles & apparel, pharmaceuticals, electronics, auto, food & drinks, packaging, etc.

Our custom research mainly serves IPOM&Ainitial market launching, market planning, segement marketing, etc. We also provide Commercial Due Diligence as clients request, mainly covers Food, Hotel, Fashion & Leisure, Laser & Automation, logistics, etc.

We offer:
  • Precise market positioning and appropriate industry division of your business
  • Impact of COVID-19 on your businesses in China
  • Your business linked to the hot concepts of current and future years
  • Non-public data query in niche fields

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