Future Scope for In-flight Advertising Industry
  • Published On: 01-03-2022

Future Scope for In-flight Advertising Industry

Inflight advertising is advertising that appeals to potential consumers on board an airline. This includes commercials during in-flight entertainment programs, advertising in in-flight magazines or on boarding passes, advertising on storage tables and overhead bins, and flight attendant sales pitches. Ads can be tailored to the traveler's destination or multiple airline destinations, promoting local restaurants, hotels, shops and shopping.

Some of the key players of In-flight Advertising Industry: Anuvu, Atin OOH, Aviation OOH, EAM Advertising, LLC, IMM International, In-Flight Media, Ink, Panasonic Corporation, PXCom, SmartAds By Flutter Media Pvt. Ltd.

Inflight advertising began in inflight magazines to increase ancillary revenue for airlines and pay for inflight content. Today, inflight advertising will increase as airlines invest heavily in content and connectivity, using media sales to offset costs.

Boarding pass advertising relies on the use of targeted advertising technologies. When the passenger checks in online, he has the opportunity to click on the various ads and suggestions that are suggested on the boarding pass. When travelers print their boarding passes, the ads are automatically printed as well. However, flyers can check a box to prevent the ads from printing if the company is compassionate enough to allow it.