BlackBerry Ltd Analysis Company Information - GlobalData
  • Published On: 30-05-2022

BlackBerry Ltd Analysis Company Information - GlobalData

BlackBerry Ltd: Overview
BlackBerry Ltd (BlackBerry) is a manufacturer, developer of hardware and software solutions in mobile communications. The company offers mobile devices, enterprise services, embedded services, and messaging services. The company’s services include Cloud-based services, Cybersecurity services, Enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions, Virtual private network (VPN) authentication, Embedded software, Cryptography applications, and Radiofrequency (RF) antenna tuning and Development tools. The company sells its products through third-party distributors and online retailers.

SWOT Analysis
BlackBerry Limited (BlackBerry) is a provider of security software and services. Product design and R&D, security certifications and liquidity position are the company's major strengths, whereas financial performance remains a major cause for concern.